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There's Beauty in a Breakdown

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10th April 2008

9:21am: ADAM STONE!!!!!!

Porn collector from Caribou gets 17 years

By Judy Harrison
Wednesday, April 09, 2008 - Bangor Daily News

BANGOR, Maine - A 29-year-old Caribou man was sentenced Monday in U.S. District Court to 17½ years in prison for sharing his extensive collection of child pornography on the Internet.

Adam A. Stone also was sentenced to five years of supervised release after he completes his prison term.

Stone, who had no criminal record, waived indictment and pleaded guilty in January to transporting or shipping child pornography by computer.

He faced a mandatory minimum of five and maximum of 20 years in prison. Under the federal sentencing guidelines, the recommended sentence was between 17½ and 20 years in prison.

Stone’s sentence was one of the longest U.S. District Judge John Woodcock has imposed under the nation’s child pornography laws.

His collection included more than 600 pornographic photographs and videos of children, according to court documents. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children identified known child victims in 192 of those images.

The investigation into Stone’s Internet activities began more than three years ago when an undercover detective in Wheaton, Ill., posing as a 15-year-old girl made contact with him. The detective notified the FBI in Maine and Stone’s three computers and CDs on which he had stored images were seized in June 2005.

Cases that require forensic evaluations of computer hard drives can take three years or more to investigate and bring before a judge because of the large number of cases investigated throughout the country and the limited resources of the FBI, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Under federal sentencing guidelines, Stone’s sentence more than tripled the five-year mandatory minimum because of the extensive nature of his collection, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Todd Lowell, who prosecuted the case.

Stone’s sentence was increased because:

ä One of the images depicted a prepubescent minor.

ä He distributed the material to a person he thought was a minor.

ä Some of the images depicted sadistic or masochistic conduct.

ä He used a computer to distribute them.

ä The collection included more than 600 images.

Lowell recommended that Stone be sentenced to 17½ years in prison and 10 years of supervised release. Federal Public Defender Virginia Villa argued that the sentence was too harsh.

Villa said in her sentencing memorandum that if he had killed someone in Acadia National Park, his sentence could have been less than it was for distributing pornography. For example, she wrote, if Stone had pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter, he would have faced between 63 and 78 months in prison under the recommended sentencing guideline set by the federal Sentencing Commission.

"Adam Stone did not kill anyone," Villa said. "He didn’t physically touch anyone. He didn’t attempt to physically touch anyone. He possessed images. He shared images."

She urged the judge to deviate from the sentencing guidelines and impose a shorter prison term "because there is something inherently wrong with the manner in which this suggested range has come to be."

Villa argued unsuccessfully that the increases in her client’s sentence should not be imposed because they were a result of directives from Congress rather than by "any reflection of the exercise of the commission’s particular area of expertise."

Woodcock, who rarely deviates from the guidelines, accepted the prison term Lowell recommended. The judge also recommended the federal Bureau of Prisons allow Stone to serve all or a portion of his sentence in a facility in Devens, Mass., that offers treatment to sex offenders and people convicted under the child pornography laws.

Stone, who has been held at the Penobscot County Jail since he pleaded guilty, will receive his prison assignment in about four weeks.

20th April 2006

12:34am: I was sitting at an intersection in bangor waiting for someone to take pity on me and let me into traffic when i saw a black volvo SUV with the license plate CATHY O. Any guesses on who it was? none other then Mrs. Catherine Bowker and the Mr. Is it break time in limestone or is she just getting paid to go shopping?

9th April 2006

You Are Mexican Food

Spicy yet dependable.
You pull punches, but people still love you.
Current Mood: happy

26th March 2006

11:00am: i think that its spring time. and that makes me VERY VERY VERY Happy

Current Mood: happy

23rd January 2006

10:13pm: i found the key to writing a good paper on philosophy for honors, get wasted before you write it.
Current Mood: excited

30th November 2005

8:34pm: Ground rules: The first player of this "game" starts with the topic "Five Weird Habits of Yourself" and the people who get tagged need to then write a LJ entry about their five quirky little habits as well as state the rules of this game clearly. In the end, you need to list the next five people who you want to tag, and then go on to leave a tag comment on their LJ.

1. I stand on my tiptoes in the shower.

2. My pillows have to be in a U or a V shape in order for me to sleep

3. i sneeze more than any normal person should.

4. whenever i have fortune cookies i have to yell "KWAAAAAH" and smash it on my forehead

5. on days when i feel silly i have to wear my fruit earrings-- i call it fruit salad.

I tag- Andy, Melanie, Meredith ( have you done one yet?), Skylar and Land.
Current Mood: amused

3rd November 2005

12:35pm: i guess i better do this too

1. I'll respond with something random i like about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal.

i should really start on my honors paper which is due in 90 minutes... oh well

12th April 2005

12:36pm: College Essay
Growing up in rural Maine, I learned many lessons about the woods and the creatures that dwell within them. For example, the key to getting rid of black flies is to simply run wildly around while flailing your arms until, out of complete exhaustion, you fall onto the spring grass and can no longer feel the pests biting you. Also, I learned watching wildlife takes patience and balance, if you want to see the beaver pups close up, you must sit quietly in a tree balancing above the swamp and trying not to fall in. Finally, I learned from my mother that if you stumble onto a bear when picking blackberries on a warm August evening, you absolutely must not turn your back and run. Instead you must act supremely confident, even intimidating, as this is the only way to send the giant beast lumbering on his way. It was from this last lesson that I learned the most about people of this world, knowledge that I would come to need when traveling in a wild region of a foreign country.

Our bodies jostled against each other, the movement was not unlike the turbulence I had experienced a few days prior when in flight to Mexico. Although it was just morning, the air was heavy on us, as if a giant had placed bricks upon our bodies. The air conditioner tried in vain to combat the muggy August heat of the Yucatan peninsula. I closed my eyes, listening to my sister mumble Spanish to herself, finding the right verb conjugations before attempting to communicate with our driver.

Her gentle, low voice mixed with the heavy breathing of the sleeping Dutch couple seated behind me. Maybe it was the intense green walls of jungle that led my mind to wander, questioning what the delicate vines were hiding. Monkeys? Panthers? Maybe, but it was unlikely. I eavesdropped on my sister's conversation, picking a few words to feel with my mouth, to roll them around like marbles. "Todos" I whispered, proud to know the meaning. My one Spanish class was finally paying off.

I looked out the window again amusing myself with the mystery of the jungle. Two roads diverged then and you may say that we took the one less traveled by that day. It was bumpier than the other; jungle had reclaimed many areas and young trees struggled their way to the surface, cracking the tired pavement, the only trace of man in view.

But all too soon it was not the only sign of human existence. There they stood, grasping their weapons so naturally they appeared to be extensions of their bodies.

"Ah Dios!" our driver exclaimed as we all whispered, "Que es esto?" The van slowed or was it my mind slowing everything down, every motion, the shadows of the soldiers falling across my lap one by one and then moving on. Words were spoken between the driver and the man brandishing an armband. I say words because I know now that they were, but then they were just sounds entering one ear and leaving the other. Only a few were trapped in my head like large minnows unable to slip through the holes of a net; "drogas" "buscar" and the last phrase barked by the man in charge-"ustedes salen" - his lazy Mexican accent gone, replaced by a harsh bark.

Surrounding our van now, with several guns aimed at us as in some documentary, I watched as they threw the doors open. Once again the order to leave our vehicle was barked. Our driver was already on the other side of the road between two men, neither looking but both watching him.

As I left the van the men's eyes bored into me, the jungle walls were now just as intimidating as the men standing next to them. It was no longer the place where monkeys swung cheerfully from branch to bending green branch. The men searched us with their eyes, looking for flinches or nervous habits that would give clues that we were hiding anything.

These men were trained like attack dogs, I had nothing to hide but still was afraid. So I acted. I acted as if being ordered around at gunpoint was normal. I acted as if seeing guns aimed at my parents and siblings was acceptable. I acted as if they were absolutely nothing to be afraid of. I acted as though they were that childhood bear I had stumbled onto one August evening while picking blackberries. I acted as if I was home.

Their uniforms now meant nothing, their guns irrelevant. These frightful men had become in my mind nothing more than frightened young men. It was then that I learned the lessons from my childhood were more important than finding the oxidation number of a chemical equation, more useful than learning the difference between subjunctive and conditional case. Now that I am attending school three hundred miles away, I often find myself thinking about my woods and the secrets only a select few hold deep in our hearts. These lessons consisting of instruction and experience will get me through life. Although my life will undoubtly take me far away from my little house in the woods, I am and always will be a child of rural central Maine
Current Mood: okay

2nd April 2005

12:12pm: sometimes when i have to pee my stomach pokes out and makes me look like i'm entering into the second trimester. THis is one of those times. Unfortunately i cannot make it go back to normal because ALL the usable bathrooms in B-wing are full.

Meredith and i got in a pie fight last night i keep finding pie in my hair or on my neck. I smell like butterscotch. It looked like baby shit...yummy.

this really is about nothing...

i opened the brain of my fetal pig, it was interesting but now when i close my eyes i see the skin being pulled back. That reminds me i had a really scary dream about someone taking my brain out but i couldn't move or see who was doing it.

Attempting to find a dress for prom this weekend. i'm not in the mood to go shopping today.
Current Mood: sick

16th February 2005

12:33pm: its amazing when you feel wonderful for no reason. Nothing good has happened today but i feel like running down the hall singing kiss me by sixpence none the richer and kissing everyone i see. well... not everyone because there are some people here that, eww, i wouldnt touch with a six foot pole. but regardless its a wonderful day. ellie is dying in bed though so i feel bad being so chipper. i just hope she wont pass it on to me. Get well soon.

i'm going to take a picture of the toilet and post it here because it still hasnt been cleaned... people need to plunge their own shit.

i would like to write a longer post about unimportant events but i have to get ready for class.
Current Mood: energetic

29th January 2005

8:35pm: I heard from my first choice college today *jumps up and runs around doing something similar ot the X-tina dance*. I got in of course and university of new england is giving my eight thousand a year for 4 years. i know its nothing like a full scholarship or anything like that, but as of today i have $48,000 in scholarships. My mom doesnt want me to go there because of the money issue she wants me to go to UM (not that there is anything wrong with it but its not what i want) but my father says do what i feel is right.

I went out shooting today. scary thought isnt it? its even scarier that i'm good at it The target set up my father was a picture of bush. 40 bullet holes later its not much of a picture. sorry my repubican friends...

time for godiva chocolate icecream a prize to myself for getting into college.
Current Mood: hyper

27th July 2004


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4th July 2004

11:40am: i felt like updating a few seconds ago but not anymore... sorry i guess i'll try this again later

2nd July 2004

4:49pm: another day at work another strange tan line... i really hate farmers tans. I was trying to fix it in the afternoons when i got home but I gave up. I have to work fourth of july but i'm not too worried i wasnt going to do anything anyway. i dont even think that there are fireworks around. i've decided that tomorrow morning i'm going to break the farm record of 147 quarts of strawberries in 4 hours.. as long as it doesnt rain i'll be all set.

last night we had really bad thunder storms, i thought i was going to die because the powerlines were making horrible noises, but i am alive!
i'm going to bed... my back hurts :(

13th May 2004

At your ten year high school reunion...
by robbiewriter
Your school name
Your name
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lol, i'm going to be FAT!!!

12th May 2004

11:04am: wednesday morning
i woke up and went back to sleep.  fatigue's a bitch......
Current Mood: cranky
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